Our Mission

We specialize in importing exclusive wines from the cool climate regions of northern Italy and France, renowned for their unique minerality and ease of drinking. Our approach emphasizes minimal intervention in the winemaking process, capturing freshness and complex aromas. This dedication ensures a rare tasting experience, resonating with modern wine enthusiasts. We’re deeply committed to sustainability, bridging European tradition with contemporary tastes. Each bottle represents a unique tasting journey, weaving a narrative of exceptional quality. Our selection enhances Southern California’s wine landscape, appealing to diverse preferences, bringing European vineyards’ essence to wine lovers and promoting the artistry of winemaking and terroir-driven wines.

Who We Are

Founded on a rich educational background from UC Davis, we at Hidden Meadows Import LLC combine academic knowledge with practical experience in enology and viticulture. Our journey from the classroom to vineyards across Europe has deepened our understanding and passion for winemaking. We select our wines with a personal touch, traveling to meet producers, understanding their stories, and embracing their winemaking traditions. Our relationships with these producers go beyond business; they are partnerships built on mutual passion and respect. This approach is enhanced by our collaboration with local experts, ensuring our collection is diverse, authentic, and reflects the unique characteristics of each region. We are committed to bringing you carefully chosen wines that celebrate both their heritage and exceptional quality.

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