We Are Now Open for Business!

Greetings to all wine enthusiasts and explorers of unique taste journeys,


After a remarkable journey filled with learning, discovery, and partnership, we are thrilled to announce that Hidden Meadows Import LLC is officially open for business! Our mission to bring the exquisite wines from the cool climate regions of northern Italy and France to the vibrant wine landscape of Southern California has now become a reality.


Our Journey: Challenges and Triumphs

Embarking on this venture was a path paved with challenges that have been both a learning experience and a testament to our dedication. Navigating the complexities of importing licenses and compliances with entities such as the TTB and CA ABC taught us the importance of diligence and patience. The intricacies of shipping logistics presented hurdles that we turned into opportunities for growth; facing delays and cost fluctuations, we adeptly shifted our route through New York instead of the Panama Canal due to a water shortage, showcasing our adaptability and commitment to ensuring the safe arrival of our wines.

Our pursuit of the perfect warehouse in San Diego was a journey in itself, emphasizing the value of location in preserving the quality and essence of our wines until they reach your glass.


A Bond Forged Through Passion

The heart of our business lies in the personal connections we’ve made with our suppliers. Visits to the wineries were not just meetings but immersive experiences where history, tradition, and passion for winemaking were shared. Alongside our Italian partner, we delved deep into the nuances of regional styles and winemaking methods, walking the vineyards with the makers, discussing terroir, climate, and viticulture practices that define each unique bottle in our portfolio.

This due diligence and heartfelt engagement have culminated in a curated initial portfolio that truly aligns with our objectives and promises a rare tasting experience.


Looking Ahead: Our Aspirations and Appeal

As we step into the future, our focus shifts toward marketing our carefully selected wines, selling them to enthusiasts like you, and eagerly awaiting your feedback. Your thoughts on our selection, in terms of quality, pricing, and suitability for our region and target market, are invaluable to us.

This venture is more than just a business; it’s a passion project aimed at bridging European tradition with contemporary tastes and promoting the artistry of winemaking and terroir-driven wines. But we cannot do this alone.


Join Us on This Journey

We invite you to be part of our story, to explore the narratives encapsulated in each bottle we’ve chosen. Help us spread the word about Hidden Meadows Import LLC, reach out for more information, or better yet, experience our offering firsthand.

Together, let’s celebrate the heritage, quality, and exceptional taste of our wines. Here’s to new beginnings and memorable wine experiences.


Cheers, The Team at Hidden Meadows Import





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