Azienda Agricola de TARCZAL

Harvesting Heritage, Crafting Elegance

Nestled in the verdant landscape of Vallagarina, de Tarczal Winery stands as a testament to a rich blend of historical depth and viticultural diversity. With origins dating back to the Counts Alberti, the winery found renewed vigor over a century ago under Gèza Dell’Adami de Tarczal, an admiral of the Austro-Hungarian Fleet. While renowned for its Marzemino, a favorite in imperial courts, de Tarczal’s range extends to an exquisite selection of white wines, each reflecting the unique terroir of the region. Today, the winemaking legacy is carried forward by the family, including daughters Elena and Felicia, and winemaker Matteo, who skillfully blend traditional practices with contemporary techniques. The winery’s underground aging cellar and oak barrels echo the commitment to maintaining authenticity while embracing innovation. Each bottle from de Tarczal is not just a product of the rich, volcanic soil of Vallagarina but also a narrative of enduring passion and versatility. With every glass, they invite you to explore a journey through history, where a diverse palette of flavors honors the past and celebrates the present. De Tarczal’s wines are not just an expression of tradition but a showcase of how variety and heritage can create a timeless experience.

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