Nurturing Roero's Terroir Through Sustainable Practices

Bajaj Winery, rooted in the Roero region, champions a natural and sustainable approach to winemaking, emphasizing a minimalist philosophy by avoiding unnecessary interventions such as filtration and adopting spontaneous fermentations. Their dedication to environmental and health respect is underscored by their SQNPI certification. The Moretti family, custodians of 20 hectares of biodiverse land, focuses on maintaining a balanced ecosystem that supports a variety of crops. The winery’s small-scale vineyards are distinguished by their advantageous locations and aged vines, producing premium wines like Roero DOCG and “Pandorae Vas” – Nebbiolo in Amphora. Bajaj’s name reflects the family’s tranquil nature, while their vineyards, including Gaiuccio, Bric Nota, and St. Vincent, are meticulously managed to authentically represent the Roero’s unique terroir.

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