Time-Honored Wines, Crafted with Dedication

Founded in 1907 during challenging times marked by phylloxera infestation and world wars, Cantina d’Isera stands as a testament to resilience and tradition. Dr. Valerio Dorigotti’s vision led to the creation of this cooperative winery, uniting dedicated individuals to craft exceptional wines.

Over the years, Cantina d’Isera weathered financial crises and modernized its facilities, relocating strategically near the Adige River in 1950. The commitment to quality led to the formation of the Marzemino Gentile di Isera Consortium in 1958 and the establishment of the Trentino DOC denomination in 1971.

A significant milestone was reached in 1978 with the first harvest of Marzemino ‘Green Label,’ reflecting the winery’s dedication to excellence. This pursuit continued into the 21st century with the production of quality sparkling and white wines, alongside their renowned reds.

“Crafting Tradition, One Grape at a Time” encapsulates Cantina d’Isera’s century-long journey, preserving the rich winemaking heritage of Vallagarina.


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