Corrado Meinardi

A Taste of Treiso (Piedmont) Tradition: Wines by Corrado Meinardi

Corrado Meinardi winery, nestled in the picturesque village of Treiso in the Langhe, is a beacon of traditional winemaking, passed down through four generations. With a steadfast commitment to natural and wholesome production, their wines are a testament to a life filled with joy and the celebration of connections that transcend time and distance. Embracing the teachings of Grandfather Pierin, the winery continues to uphold the age-old methods, crafting tailor-made wines that are synonymous with quality and passion. The winery’s heart lies in Treiso, a region famed for its Dolcetto, a wine that embodies the essence of family and tradition for the Meinardis. Their vineyards, a nurturing ground for vines since the 1950s, are treated with respect and minimal intervention, ensuring each bottle tells a story of the rich, historical terroir. Visitors are welcomed into the Corrado Meinardi family with open arms, offering a taste of their legacy and the warmth of old friendship with every visit and every sip.

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