Doria Wines

Preserving Native Grapes, Championing Artisanal Wine

Doria Wines specializes in importing carefully selected Italian wines, focusing on native grape varieties, sustainable and small-scale farming, and minimal intervention in winemaking. The company’s philosophy is centered on showcasing wines that truly represent Italy’s rich viticultural heritage, emphasizing the passion and craftsmanship of the winemakers. These producers are chosen for their comprehensive involvement in the winemaking process, from vineyard to bottle, ensuring each wine genuinely reflects its terroir and the artisan’s vision.

Embracing the shift from finance to wine, the founders were inspired by their Italian heritage, where wine plays a crucial role in culture and social life. Doria Wines aims to offer more than just wine; it seeks to share Italy’s storied traditions and flavors, enhancing appreciation for Italian winemaking in the United States.

As our partner, Doria Wines shares our values of patience, objectives, and strategic approach to promoting quality, authenticity, and sustainable practices. Together, we aim to introduce the true essence of Italian wine culture to a broader audience.

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