Orzan Ivaldo

A Taste of Friuli: Experience Orzan Winery's Commitment to Heritage and Innovation.

Nestled in Capriva del Friuli, at the heart of Collio, this family-owned winery, founded in 1964 by Ivaldo Orzan, has flourished under the dedicated care of the Orzan family. With 5 hectares of sustainably managed vineyards, they produce handcrafted wines, combining traditional methods like overnight maceration and manual pressing with innovative techniques. Their notable wines include the robust Friulano Doc Collio “UNA GNOT,” the meticulously aged Ribolla Gialla “ZAL SCUR,” and the rich Merlot “MO RAR,” all harvested by hand and bottled manually in harmony with the lunar cycle.

Committed to environmental sustainability, the winery utilizes renewable energy and natural vineyard treatments. Annually, they produce around 15,000 bottles, available both locally and internationally, with tastings and purchases direct from the winery by appointment. Additionally, since 1994, their farmhouse offers traditional Friulian meals, showcasing local ingredients and wines, providing a complete immersion into the region’s culinary and vinicultural heritage.


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