Langhe Nebbiolo




  • Variety: Nebbiolo
  • Vintage: 2020
  • Appelation: Langhe Nebbiolo DOC
  • Region: Piedmont

The Langhe Nebbiolo is a distinguished red wine from the Langhe region in Piedmont, named after its grape varietal and crafted through meticulous harvest selection. This wine undergoes a traditional red vinification process, with fermentation taking place in steel tanks. It showcases a garnet red color and offers a taste that is dry yet full-bodied. The bouquet is intense, fine, and distinctly fruity, embodying the characteristic aromas of the Nebbiolo grape. Grown in Treiso on bluish marl limestone soil with a south-west exposure, this Langhe Nebbiolo is perfectly paired with cured and red meats. It is best served at temperatures between 61 and 64 °F, with an alcohol content of approximately 12.5% vol.

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